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Hello there! So you requested for a Critique. I'll try to be descriptive that I hope it will help in the next drawings you might plan o...

Hey there! So you requested for a critique. Well, if you really wan't the critique I'm going to have to be a bit direct. Where Ruby is ...


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
I hunger for knowledge.

Game Enthusiast and Student Artist.

Will commission for food.

If you'd like, you can support me in Patreon and as well pay for commissions through it->…

I do Commissions via Paypal as well- >



Sketches are basically not the whole detail. But as I get carried away eventually, I tend to complete it. But a sketch is a sketch and you can choose whether you like it outlined in ink.

+100 for extra character
Digital - Monochromatic
Digital coloring takes time depending on my schedule. Digital coloring is a High quality, thus having the price a bit higher.

160+ For extra character
Digital - Colored
Digital coloring takes time depending on my schedule. Digital coloring is a High quality, thus having the price a bit higher.

+160 points for extra character
Holy Moly this app can make me submit Art? it can make me write journals? What?! Yoo this is going to save me some trouble as long as I got the mobile data for it. And I'm actually typing on a tablet, hah, unbelievable. Limited options, but it'll do.

Let me give you a little recap before proceeding. (You can skip to checklist) To those who stuck around before, you know about my leave that was supposed to be only for one month, well it took longer than unexpected. To the new watchers who are recently watching me, hello and hi! These days I write short journals but this journal is going to be a long butt one! All these months past without updating has accumulated into this hunk a junk.

You see, after moving out around July, I didn't have internet since then. Yes, I had zero contact and relied on the computer labs my school was providing and this dank mobile meme that can be stressful to use in this area.
I've been busy. Hella busy. The amount of busy that can make you loose your mind if you don't maintain that grade and meet that submission (the same would go for a job). This reason for the lack of what I'm submitting is a reason I can't avoid announcing as I do not want any of my fellow watchers to think that this account has been forever dormant, but rather it is temporarily idle, and not saying that I am dead, just fighting sins.

On a later note, I did do some art. Most of them school related nowadays and concentrating on something more portfolio-ish. Competition has been very high and I have to keep up. Still and always be learning of course.

Onwards to the checklist! (that hopefully I will actually do because cheese and crackers I'm low on productivity)

-Definitely should be updating A.F.T.R
-Stay in tune for an upcoming story. (Not kidding)
-Finish those unfinished fanarts.
-low key celebrate RWBY volume 4. (In a bitter sweet way)
-ohmygod finish those requests after I disappeared.
-Apologize to people who I can't reply because situation.
-Update Patreon (This comes at a later date though)

-An upcoming story? You lie to me. You say that and so far I see no results!
Okay, so I do have some unfinished business. I can give you a peek of the oh-very-slow-progress, but it's something. So technically it isn't abandoned, just in progress. Slow, agonizing progress that hurts me more than you xD;

Ahem, so moving on.
(Note: This became a story of itself. So, long post!)

-So what's going on in A.F.T.R you nut head?
A.F.T.R, believe it or not is a stepping stone. Like all people learning, that story has one messed up plot that I later realize after taking script writing. Everytime I look at it, it screams "FIX ME DAMN IT." And I am, cheesus crust I am. Witness me just motioning to flip my laptop and curse and flip and just give up and sleep. It's driving me insane. Completely bonkers and discombobulated I cannot even!
So yes I am trying to fix what has been damaged. Putting my lessons to the test, I think I am finding way, but of course expectations from people who has seen the fanart for the story has been waiting for, well, the Grimm side of our cute read head. I want to deliver and as well as feel satisfied for the thing coming together. Whenever it may take, in the end I'm looking to feel a sense of achievement. So whatever is up my sleeve is final.

-Okay okay, so what about this new story?
During my summer vacation void of Internet usage, I did not only draw, but read. I happen to save stories from fanfiction and I finished them all within the week in the province. After reading books after fanfiction, my mind never fails to pester me. So I thought, and thought, until I wrote it as an exercise, to constructing it's walls, to actually planning and writing in my sparest of time.
Inspired by many writers I cannot mention just yet, I said wow, okay, this can do, but it won't get out there. It is after all a destress hobby of mine that A.F.T.R has been giving me.

3 and a half months past, it haunts me, really haunt me especially after script writing. Just as I was fixing A.F.T.R, I cooled off with the story I thought back in summer vacation, I even have a notebook for it. Using that notebook, of course I "blarghed" it. But applying the lessons learned it became decent than it was originally and here I am getting carried away and laying down the foundations. Ah gosh, im just putting my hands to the skies and clenching my fists at the air shouting "yes!". That and some " WhiteRose ya sons of a snitches!" And some "Yay! I'm learning!". Oh, and "Something story rich oh my god kill me now."

I have never been confident in my writing, let alone the horrible grammar. The amount of studying is never enough, and certainly not big enough to cover a page filled with obvious mistakes too. But as long as I can get the story across, and some decent narration I hope to aim, then all is well and I can continue to deliver.

I can't tell you the details now, but I can tell you that I'm eager to make it concise and on point. It's a rather cliche' theme, something that is claimed by very skilled writers and crafted so well I'm nervous to be putting out, but I guarantee that I will twist the elements in some way whilst keeping it lore friendly, both in the history of our world and the world of Remnant.
The only thing I have to worry about now is writing it in a way it isn't bland. Something that won't hurt your eyes.

I'm going to be so judged by this, but hey, give this wolf some fun yeah? All for the game, all for the fanart. For what I love. *Raises empty glass*

The story will be in Fanfiction of course as Deviantart should only be for my drawings.

-And what about A.F.T.R? Damn it Wolfie get your ass outta the gutter.
This is exactly the kind of pressure I am also getting. Guys, chill. Renovation ongoing. I might loose (or already have) followers for the story, but I am not going to move forward without plugging those plot holes and rethink about my tactics. It's rushed nowadays, it's true. But rush it with decency I will!  
I'd love some good criticisms of course, but please tell me why and how when you do. Telling me it's just bad won't help. I know that already and I'd love to know how to improve.

-Remember those animation projects you promised to do? Yeah I'm looking at you.
I am sweating profusely. Remember when I said, slow, agonizing progress? That is exactly what is happening. I have been in a group working on an animation that's close to what a studio is like and we're this close to loosing our shit. Okay, we did loose it, but it was so chill with the right teammates sharing the same pain. Three times so far I've been doing this, rushing deadlines, and dealing with teammates because our grade depends on it or we all fall in hell. Doing a 3 minute animation as our finals sucked the life from my hands and self esteem, along with all the other subjects. That's just me complaining. But I did do animation. Most especially for the project of Sangheilitat's Red Like Blood Fanfiction, along with my half done personal project starring the music of Alan Walker's Faded. And among the others of projects I must have forgotten to do because my files are trash and my inconsistent drawing styles of good and bad.

-The requests?
I remembered. And I forgot. I was skimming through those requests a moment ago because I know I'm forgetting something. Gah!

*Incoherent and inaudible breathing* I need a decent cable to operate that in a private network. Doing it in school is for hackers galore and I won't risk it. And oh, In the middle of this journal if ever, Travis Palmer, I couldn't thank you enough for what you are donating to me per month. The packages doesn't seem to be enough for your kind support, but I promise to restock on those crates you deserve to see.

-Last question. How are you?
Sembreak for now up to September 3. My memory degraded and I'm not kidding. People have began to actually take advantage of it and it sucks.
I'm typing. On a tablet. Thanks DA app, for deciding to make it free and properly working.
And I'm fine. Should be concentrating on getting healthy because I'm sure as hell not. Being a night owl can be so dangerous later.


That seems to be it. It's been so long since I wrote this kind of lengthy journal. Something to read and remember as the years pass by. Maybe cringe at it or smile I'll never know. But I do hope whatever you have actually read has kept you tuned and 'hopefully' entertained in a way.

Thanks for reading!




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Hello. Its really no problem at all! I'm not sure whats going to happen to it since its been an awful long time and I've long since moved. Though I'm surprised people still reads it and finds it interesting when there just too many flaws in that story. I don't know for sure. I should have made it discontinued. But then again, I might look back at it. No promises though. I heavily apologize.
SqurreilShooter Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2017
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